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High-Pressure Water Jetting for Meridian, Mississippi

Clearing out Your Toughest Pipe Blockages

Not every pipe blockage clears out easily. Some require an extra dose of firepower to remove sufficiently. Roto-Rooter has provided incredible pipe-clearing solutions for years now. One of our most prominent solutions is high-pressure water jetting.
Water jetting is pretty simple. We pump incredibly high quantities of water into your pipes. These extremely powerful concentrated jets of water scour blockages right out.

Powerful and Targeted Cleaning Solutions

You would be surprised by just how strong a water jet can be. Even the toughest blockages can’t withstand the pressure of one of our water jets. This will clear out everything from grease and gunk buildup to mineral deposits and more. After pumping this water jet through your pipe, we’ll flush your pipe free of any residual debris.

Enjoy Increased Plumbing Efficiency Today

One of the biggest sources of high utility bills is inefficiency. Instead of a major problem or a complete blockage, it’s often the little problems that do the most damage. You can get a handle on this by allowing our team to inspect and maintain your system. If we determine that your plumbing needs high-pressure water jetting, we’ll let you know. Rest assured that solutions do exist for your plumbing needs.

Get Assistance From Local Plumbers Now

We’ve lived in Meridian for years. In our time here, we’ve come to recognize the huge need for consistent plumbing maintenance. We know that your plumbing works hard to deliver the water and drainage your property needs. We want to assist with that in any way we can.
Consult with Roto-Rooter today to learn whether your pipes need water jetting. We want to give you the best solutions on the market.