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Sewer and Septic Services for Meridian, Mississippi

Comprehensive Waste Disposal Services

Plumbing systems are useful in a number of different ways. One of the foremost is their ability to get rid of things we don’t want in our homes. Whether you flush it down a toilet or a sink, you want your waste to go down and stay down. When it doesn’t, then something is seriously wrong.
Waste disposal issues happen. Drains get blocked, sinks get clogged, toilets break and sewer lines back up. It’s important to know that solutions exist. If your sewer line or septic tank is giving you issues, call Roto-Rooter immediately. This is a problem that you don’t have to put up with. With our help, you can clear out waste disposal issues today.

Servicing Every Form of Waste Management

Waste disposal has two primary methods: sewer lines and septic tanks. Sewer lines pump your waste out of your home and into community waste tunnels. Septic tanks are individualized for each home. They serve as drainage tanks that slowly distill waste and wastewater back into your soil. Septic tanks are for people who lack access to public sewer systems.
We can help you optimize your waste disposal system, no matter which one it is. You’ll enjoy precise and professional service from our team.

Keeping Your Home’s Waste at Bay

Sewer lines depend on unblocked pipes and working pumps. We’ll help you keep your pipes strong, flowing and clear for all of your waste management needs. We’ll also service your pumps, clearing out blockages and optimize your pumping station’s efficiency.
Septic systems are more sensitive to excess waste. We can check your septic drains and make sure your outflow is at the appropriate capacity. We can service your drainage field and ensure that it’s working as planned. We’ll also empty your septic tank as needed and advise you on its proper use.

Affordable Plumbing Services for You

Your powerful waste disposal system needs to be in good condition to be useful for you. That doesn’t happen by accident. Allow Roto-Rooter to help you streamline and strengthen your own disposal systems. Our reliable and trusted services can make the difference for your property.
Hire us today to give your sewer or septic system new life.