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Video Sewer Inspection Services for Meridian, Mississippi

See Your Sewer for What It Actually Is

When you get your sewer line inspected, you might be wondering what it actually looks like. After all, a sewer line is a pipe. It might be a big pipe, but it’s not something that people crawl into. Instead, an inspection is often a really smart guess. With sufficient calculations of flow and volume, you can often tell if there’s a blockage of some sort in there.
However, that method only tells a partial picture. Get a completely accurate portrait of your sewer line with a video inspection. Our team at Roto-Rooter offers powerful and flexible video inspection services. These provide a live footage feed of the inside of your pipeline. We not only find the blockages; we see them for what they are, providing pinpoint accuracy.

Complete and Accurate Inspections

It’s hard to overstate what a live video inspection can offer for sewer line maintenance. Instead of guesswork and calculation, we learn exactly what’s going on inside your pipelines. We identify what’s causing your blockages, which allows us to provide superb and exact solutions. We can then adjust our strategy accordingly.

Better Cleaning and Treatment Options

Your sewer line cleaning will be significantly faster and more accurate after a video inspection. We don’t need to flush the entire line or replace the entire pipe. Instead, we can provide spot servicing, keeping the entire procedure within a specific timeframe. We can go after the troublesome blockages that matter most.

Hire Meridian’s Plumbing Professionals

Cut down on your blockages and stay within budget. A live video inspection will do more than just provide a better view. It’ll give us the power to provide you with the precise cleaning your sewer line deserves. Consult with Roto-Rooter to determine if your sewer line needs a video inspection. We know that it can make the difference for your home.